Hotel of the Saints

Hotel of the Saints.  Stories by Ursula Hegi

Simon & Schuster, 2001

The title story caught my fancy but lost my confidence when the character in the Jesuit seminary is described as a ‘brother.’  Jesuits do not call each other ‘brother,’ do they? Jesuits are priests, not monks, and their vows are flexible, or should be, according to this author:

I like fiction to be credible and an author who doesn’t know the difference between a Jesuit and a monk mixes things up.  Maybe the characters are inherently uninformed, but then, why would I want to read their perspective.  The stories twist through territory and attitudes that would be interesting to some, but I left this book after the first story.  In the story, the Jesuit helps his aunt name the hotel rooms after saints and then paint and decorate the  paint rooms in the family hotel so they reflect the nature of the saint.

The story was poignant, but simple like a Hallmark television drama one sees in passing running up and down the channels looking for images and acting worth pausing for.


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