Life and Death of Eva Peron

Live and Death of Eva Peron
Uncorrected Bound proof

The official website dedicated to biographical research on Eva Peron  presents photos, articles, memoirs by her friends and Argentine citizens.

The New York Times obituary notes that Eva died on July 27, 1952.

For years, I held on to the uncorrected proofs of the book Life and Death of Eva Peron which was published in 1979.  (see photograph at left).  I don’t remember how I acquired the uncorrected proofs, probably at one of the many book sales I go to and comb through piles of oddities from reviewers, publishers and disappointed readers. Recently I donated the book to the friends of the local library, so they can use it in a forthcoming book sale.  And so the book will make the circuit of used book stores and sales, much like Eva’s corpse has traveled.

I wonder if anyone  born after 1995 knows who Evita was?  The broadway musical Evita! might help her live on, similar to the way Jesus Christ Superstar helps Jesus.


Walking Spain

Marching Spain

V. S. Pritchett * J.M. Dent & Sons, 1933

Account of a foot trek in rural Spain originally published in 1928. An adept prose stylist, the young Pritchett isn’t above accepting a lift now and then in his progress from Badajoz to Leon.  He’s poor, but richer than the people he bunks down and eats with in a Spain still steeped in suspicion for outsiders.

Pyrenees Travel Guide Books

Pyrenees Pilgrimage

L Peat O’Neil

Amazon BookSurge Publications, 2010 – Kindle and Print on Demand

Solo walk across France from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

through the Pyrenees Piedmont.

Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees
Kev Reynolds
Cicerone Press, 2001
Detailed guide for serious backpackers.

Trekking in the Pyrenees
Douglas Streatfeild-James
Trailblazer, 3rd edition, 2005
Friendly tone and easy-going route makes this a good guide for the first timer.

This is the book I used on my trek.

Camino Spirits

book cover titled The CaminoThe Camino, A Journey of the Spirit

Shirley MacLaine

Simon & Schuster, 2000

On a spiritual pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostello, the actress-author encounters other pilgrims and locals who become personal emblems of the journey.   She walks the route from St. Jean Pied du Port to Santiago de Compostello in Spain.

Walking the Camino to Santiago



Pilgrimage to the End of the World

Conrad Rudolph, Univ. Chicago Press, 2004

Art history professor walks the Camino on the traditional path from Le Puy in South Central France, continuing to St. Jean Pied du Port and westward across northern Spain. During the thoughtfully written and mercifully brief narrative (given the length of the journey), the author reflects on significant characters and buildings encountered along the route.  There’s a lyrical meditation on the intersection of physical exertion and spiritual growth. Useful list of resources and how-to information pyrenees-images0005for those contemplating the journey.